Wednesday, July 8, 2009

PCH Trivia winner - that's me (and Mik)!

Pcolamus - that's me (and Mik), taking no. 3 in the Publishers Clearing House trivia games for July 8. We played the World category in Prize Patrol contetst for 10x the number of tokens. We thought we had won with 50,000 tokens the day before, but someone beat us by a hair, so we dedicated another day (off and on) to matching our score, ending up with 105,400 tokens that will be entered to win various gift cards (Target, Walmart, etc.). I'm curious if anyone has ever won one of these PCH gift cards. At any rate, we (granddaughter Mik and I) haven't netted a prize (yet), but feel like a winner in testing our collection of trivia against everyone else who's playing online.

Yesterday’s Top Winners
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Total tokens won 80900
Total tokens won 76700
Total tokens won 56400